We bring Mascots to Life

Professional Mascot Costumes Factory Established in 2006 with over 12 years experience in Mascot Design & Mascot Production, our Services Include:

  • Mascot Artwork showing you how your Mascot will look as a Mascot Costume.
  • Free Quote with no Obligation
  • Eye-Catching & Professional Mascot Costumes

We offer a full range of custom Mascot products:

  • Mascot Costumes
  • Inflatable Mascot
  • Robot Mascot
  • Costume

Mascot Experts with over 12 years of Experience
We work worldwide and have satisfied clients in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

How to Order a Professional Mascot Costume

Step 1: Request a FREE Quote

  • Inform us on your Mascot Design.
  • We will contact you to discuss your project in further details
  • We will work out a Free Quote.

Step 2: Mascot Design
Our Mascot Designers will show you how your new Mascot Costume will look like.

Step 3: Place your Order
Confirm your Mascot order including all the Extra Mascot Accessories to your order.

Step 4: Production & Delivery of your Mascot Costume
Our Mascot Production Team will bring your character to life in an eye-catching Mascot Costume.

Why Aliens Media is an important Partner to your Advertising Campaign ?
  • Firstly, we provide you with Free Marketing Consultancy.
  • Secondly, we produce Unique Promotional Items.
  • Thirdly, we produce Innovative Promotional Items.
  • Fourthly, we produce High Quality Promotional Items.

And most importantly, it is said that people tend to remember 90% of what they see when Aliens Media produces its Unique Promotional Items.

Unique Promotional Items

Custom Design
Custom Shape
Custom Size
High Quality

Unique Promotional Items

Custom Design
Custom Shape
Custom Size
High Quality

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