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ALIENS MEDIA promotes Unique Promotional Items & Smart Advertising Gifts.

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We Design & Create Mascot Costume (Character Costume) & Promotional Costume for all kind of events (Customized Mascot).

  • Puppets
  • Custom Made Character
  • Robot
  • Corporate Costume

We Design & Create Magic Cube Shapes

  • Funny Cube
  • Rubik Cube
  • Music Cube
  • Revolving Cube
  • Smart Touch Cube

Eco Promotional Items (Eco Friendly Products) are Unique Promotional Items (Biodegradable) considered as Green Items

  • Eco Bag
  • Eco Friendly USB
  • Eco Pen
  • Eco Mug
  • Eco Umbrella
  • Eco Notebook
  • Go Green T-shirt

Liquid Items

Liquid Item (Aqua Idea) is a Unique Gift Item (Liquid Gift Item) that includes Liquid Filling & Mini Floater

  • Liquid Pen
  • Liquid USB
  • Liquid Mouse Pad
  • Liquid Cup
  • Liquid Snow Globe
  • Liquid key chain
  • Liquid Globe

We produce Promotional Custom Mug

  • Changing Mug
  • Liquid Mug
  • Rotating Mug
  • Rubik Mug

We produce Custom Pen Design

  • Jackpot Pen
  • Liquid Pen
  • Eco Pen
  • USB Pen
  • Rubik Pen
  • Logo Pen
  • Flag Pen

We produce Custom USB (Flash Memory) Design

  • Funny USB
  • Rubik USB
  • Rotating USB
  • Liquid USB
  • Eco USB
  • Pen USB
  • Bracelet USB
  • Crystal USB

We produce Custom LED Promotional Items

  • LED Candle
  • LED Key-chain
  • LED Balloon

We produce Custom key chain Promotional Items

  • LED Key chain
  • Rubber Key chain
  • Metal Key chain
  • Rubik key chain

We produce Custom Power Bank Promotional Items

  • Rubik Power Bank
  • Solar Power Bank
  • Lego Power Bank
  • Custom Power Bank

We produce Custom Portable Beverage Backpack

  • Hot Beverage
  • Cold Beverage

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