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pen is a great promotional item because it is a required daily tool for any professional worker. Giving a pen away as a promotional item means more than simply stuffing something into a tote bag at a convention. 
Pens are personal items . with some users becoming quite enamored with a certain style of pen.

Advertising Promotional Item

These eye-catching pens really stand out from the crowd. They utilize a custom molded clip that can be branded in spot colors or full color to produce a realistic 3D image of products or logos.

They’re available in your choice of blue or black ink refill of 1800m of German ink as well as a tungsten carbide ball improved writing quality.

These are the simple choice to instantly make your promo pens that much more effective! Pricing you see here includes a full color print on the clip and 1 color print on the barrel.

  • 13 Colors available
  • Clip can be made to nearly any color
  • Shiny chrome trim
  • Molded clip
  • 1800m Blue or Black ink
  • Tungsten carbide ball
Advertising Promotional Item

The sections of the cap of the Rubik’s pen rotate like a regular Rubik’s Cube: twist and solve them to remove the Ball Pen from the cap.

It really is a cool little add-on to a present. It’s the first pen anyone will grab out of your pen pot!

The Rubik’s Pen is a challenge that’s fun to solve and provides a refreshing break for the mind. The sections of the cap rotate like a Rubik’s Cube – simply twist and solve the puzzle to remove the cap.

Advertising Promotional Item

Liquid Floating Pen is an interesting and novel ballpoint pen that is suitable for promotion and is widely used in school offices, post offices, etc.

There are many kinds of floats in Liquid Floating Pen, but they are mainly divided into two categories, one is planar floats in 2D and the other is 3D floats.

The 2D floats are flat, but can be made into a plane shape, and then draw a 3-D picture, which can also achieve a slight 3-D effect. Of course, the best one is 3D. Almost all of the 3D objects are made of resin. You can directly reduce what you need to promote to a certain proportion and make floating objects. This is a better method.

Of course, our Liquid Floating Pen not only advertises floating objects, but also designs logos for pens and clips. If it’s just for retail, it’s a good buy to make floating things interesting. And among all the pens, Liquid Floating Pen is one of our main promotion pens.

Our liquid Floating Pen ink dot size is 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm/1.0 mm, no leakage and non-toxic. Moreover, we provide OEM and ODM for our customers.

Advertising Promotional Item

An exciting and addictive pen that will engage you to play over and over again.
It works like a coin machine: press the action button, hold your breath and watch the reel spin!
Suitable for casino themed campaigned or your product launch.

The Jackpot Pen has a fun slot machine game that is fun to play. Every time you click the top of the pen, the pictures in the viewing window spin. Release the button to test your luck and see if you have three matching pictures in a row. Take a gamble and write with the Jackpot Pen!

Advertising Promotional Item

Retractable plastic ball pen with a clear barrel, a translucent soft rubber grip and translucent trim.

It has a unique spring loaded, pull out banner which can be branded in full color on both sides.

Personalized banner pens / scroll pens are the best promotional pens available & we specialize in them 100%.

Our scroll pens comes with the same great benefits of ‘normal’ promotional pens but with much more space to educate and promote to your customers with their unique promotional pull out banner.

Advertising Promotional Item

An expert at catching your attention.
Here’s how it works: by twisting his
torso and leg pieces into a misaligned
position you lock the cap in place.