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Our company supplies original USB flash drives intended for printing with a logo Our USB flash drives are used not only as an exceptionally effective promotional item for company customers, but also as a modern and practical USB medium for transferring and distributing your data.

We supply USB Flash drives made from various materials (metal, plastic, wood, leather, PVC, silicone, glass, etc.) 

Every customer will be able to choose from our range of USB flash drives, we make the cheapest USB flash dries in standard shapes, luxury and design USB flash drives and even unique USB flash drives in your own shape, custom-designed for the customer.

Advertising Promotional Item

Custom USB sticks are perfect for those looking for something a little different to give to their customers or clients and can help to truly bring across a brand’s image/identity in the most creative way possible. By creating your own custom USB sticks you can ensure you will have a promotional item that is totally unique

Usually taking the shape of an item that is closely related to the business, these custom USBs are designed using soft PVC, and we will even match the colors to the brand or physical product. Checks and samples are always made and the end results can be truly brilliant.

Advertising Promotional Item

Are you looking for a USB Drive thats both functional and engaging?

Look no-further:
Thanks to its suction-cup the Silly USB sits upright on your desk, can swing back-and-forth, can be used for a game of darts, and can even double as a phone stand for your phone!

ou won’t want to put this down!

On top of being one of the most playful USB drive, these Silly USB shapes now allow to:
-use larger logos, taglines, and even graphics (smileys, signage, etc)
-stay even more visible on your client’s desk.

Advertising Promotional Item

Even if it’s not in your hand, it stays on your mind

Associate your branding, offer or message with the spirit of Rubik’s with this creative USB drive that fits into any pocket, handbag… and can be used on-the-go.
An ingenious twist mechanism rolls out the USB plug by rotating the bottom block.

Advertising Promotional Item

The drive that draws attention

The Aqua USB ticks all the boxes when it comes to promotional gifts: it’s useful, it’s engaging and it provides abundant branding opportunities.

Choose a 3D custom-designed floater (or two) to represent your brand, specify a liquid color of your choice and use the barrel of the drive for further messaging. Available with a range of storage capacities, from just 2GB to 32GB, depending on your needs.

So engaging you won’t be able to put it down

Whichever way you turn the roller ball, your 3D logo floater stays at the top, engaging the user as they try to beat the laws of physics.

The large USB case provides full branding opportunities, along with the large color floater and liquid color itself. Available with a range of storage capacities, from 2GB to 32GB, depending on your needs.

Advertising Promotional Item

his first USB drive with a 175cm2 billboard

Its amazing folding action inspires a powerful urge to play and ensures your message grabs the user’s undivided attention. The USB Sliding Card offers more than 175cm2 of printing space, all of it ready to accommodate your ad. This lets you combine the communicative punch of a giveaway with the audiovisual powers of digital media.

Advertising Promotional Item

Keep your USB drive always to hand!

Snap! Never misplace your USB again with the Office Blocks USB drive that snaps on to any of the other Office Blocks pieces, and will always be close to the hand.

With its large flat surface area, the Office Blocks USB provides an excellent branding opportunity through pad print. The USB plug pops out when pressing a button.

Advertising Promotional Item

The first wearable slap-on USB memory drive.

Remember the Slap Band? This trendy silicone bracelet will make your promotional campaign stand out from the crowd:

– Trendy and fun to use
– Makes your logo visible
– A memorable gift for your events, corporate gift, staff engagement…

Advertising Promotional Item

Our paper format provides you the ultimate design flexibility, with its customisable die cut shapes.

It integrates a super slim USB device you detach and insert into the USB port of your computer.
And drives you directly to the site you want, or app. or video.

Tracking platform reports allow you to follow the evolution of your campaign in real-time.

Our paper USB can also integrate a NFC chip to connect through your mobile device.

The touch and emotional appeal of exclusive cards with a direct link to your digital world