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Eco Friendly Solutions is the leading source for custom printed eco-friendly promotional products featuring your logo and branding.
We take an environmentally and socially conscious approach to promotional products.

Our carefully selected line of custom printed promotional products includes either energy saving, natural, organic, recycled and/or reusable materials in an effort to reduce landfill waste and to help save our environment.

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We have widest range of Corporate Diaries and Planners, Business Organizers, Leather Diaries and Spiral Diary . These recycled paper products are manufactured under strict supervision to maintain International Quality Standards. We can also customize Diaries / Calendars or developed them according to their specifications for gifting, promotions, conferences, events, etc.

  1. Made with High Quality Recycled Paper.
  2. Get Customise your Diary as per your Requirement.
  3. Made with Premium Quality Material.
  4. Strong Biding with Long Life.
  5. Beautiful cover Design for Corporate & Personal use.
  6. Materials: Recycled Paper/ Handmade Paper.
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Earth friendly, biodegradable pens are an affordable promotional gift, made from renewable material.

Choose from numerous eco-friendly pen options.
We have cardboard barrel pens, cornstarch plastic pens and recycled plastic pens, and all can be personalized with your logo and company name.
Give customers a green gift at your next trade show or special event.

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We imagined the reusable bag movement could grow.
We started by reaching out to retailers in the natural products industry pre-Whole Foods Market!

We believed, as we do today, that bringing your own bags to the store is the first step of many toward creating a world with less waste.

Today, there are movements all over world, banning and taxing single-use plastic bags, creating a “reusable-revolution.” We are thrilled!

There’s a greater understanding now, that when you “throw away” a single-use plastic bag, there is no “away.” If you want to live in a clean environment that means you need to participate in keeping it clean. Local and state governments are crafting legislation.

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These reusable eco mugs with lids are perfect for your life on the go and help reduce the use of disposable single-use cups, so you can enjoy your cuppa safe in the knowledge that the environment will not pay for it.

There are several benefits that come with using an eco friendly mug.

First of all, regardless of the color you pick… it’s always a green choice!

Also, nowadays most coffee shop chains and independent local cafes offer a discount if you present your own Eco mug…

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Each Eco T-shirt is made by a human one by one.  
The colors and position of the designs may vary from one t-shirt to the other.
Due to the process and the Eco-friendly ink that we used the final print has a distressed look.

4.3 oz., 50% sustainable combed ringspun cotton, 50% recyclable polyester that equals to four water bottles approximately.

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We start by listing eco friendly umbrellas that are made of recycled materials, then we added brands that clearly state their takes on sustainability and how they are actively and constantly working on improving their designs to make their products more sustainable so you won’t need to keep throwing out umbrellas that break. 

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More and more consumers are interested in working with companies with a strong, pro-environment position.

If your organization is committed to using sustainable materials and wants to send a green message, a customized USB flash drive environmentally-friendly selection is your solution.

These eco-friendly drive shells are made from recycled paper or plastic and will solidify your brand’s dedication to the environment.