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Gain additional attention to you advertising or marketing message with our custom printed light products. 

We offer the industry’s largest selection of promotional light up pens, logo light up cups and glasses, and flashing light up necklace pendants.  

Be sure to view our collection of light up promotional toys, and custom printed LED bouncy balls.  We have a light up toy or gadget for every age group.  Chose from light yo-yos, light up dice, and even LED logo swords.

Advertising Promotional Item

This mini flashlight keychain is a favorite giveaway at trade shows, so count on your recipients visiting your booth to get one. They’re sure to recall who it was that gave them this colorful, custom flashlight keychain with the textured silver trim and easy rubber push button. Made of aluminum, these flashlights are lightweight yet durable. This is a bright LED flashlight that’s ready for your recipients to use immediately–batteries are included. Your customers will carry these pocket-sized promotional LED flashlight keychains wherever they go.

Advertising Promotional Item

The promotional candle light has grown in popularity over the past few years, with many candle brands on the market, people have turned to buying candles to decorate their surroundings and bringing in that feeling of home.

Although candles make nice marketing ideas because of their branding potential, why not turn this product into something innovative with a LED functioning candle?