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Our Backpack Dispenser Factory Established in 2006.
Our dispensers are portable, allow self-service and are fun to use.
In business terms it increases drinks turnover and reduces staff requirements in any venue where drink is served.

Advertising Promotional Item

The unit has everything you need to get your message across: highly functional and robust, it combines optimally designed detail solutions for perfect, “wrinkle-free” brand advertising, guaranteeing a high recognition value.

Its perfect user comfort, professional look and high functionality offer all the ingredients for effective (brand) presentation.


The unit has a robust design, consisting of an ABS frame with an integrated high-strength mouldable expanded polypropylene (EPP) block. This provides a high degree of stability, preventing the unit from tipping over or collapsing.

  •     Weight (without liquid): 9.8 kg
  •     Height: 59 cm
  •     Width: 43 cm
  •     Depth: 34 cm
  •     Advertising area (H x W): 34 cm / 67 cm
Advertising Promotional Item

The Vendor King, which has been part of our product range since 2007, is the best-selling vendor tray from Cup Service.

The thermoformed ABS plastic tray is deep-drawn in one piece, so there are no seams or beading, etc., where dirt can collect, e.g. when selling ready-poured drinks or loose snacks.

In this respect, the Vendor King has major advantages over textile vendor trays, for instance, which quickly become apparent in practice.

Our products are equipped with a padded, breathable back section which distributes the weight evenly and avoids any constriction. The carrying height and strap widths are continuously adjustable. 

Product details

  • Standard colour: BLACK
  • Weight: 1.95 kg   (4,3 lbs)
  • Outer dimensions (L x W x H): 585 x 265 x 135 mm   (23 x 10,5 x 5,3 inches)
  • Advertisement area:  620 x 115 mm   (25,3 x 4,5 inches)
  • Scope of delivery: corpus, carrying device and front advertisement pocket